Demonstration du connecteur

T-piece connector with integrated leakage

This innovative 3D-printed connector allows you to easily integrate an antibacterial filter for your non-invasive ventilation setups with a built-in intentional leakage.


Calibrated leakage with standard 22M port T

This connector was developed in response to the need for antibacterial filtration during the COVID-19 epidemic for patients on non-invasive ventilation.

With both a 4 mm diameter calibrated leak and a standard 22M port, it allows the placement of a deported antibacterial filter and avoids its placement in series on the circuit (which is known to increase the respiratory work).


Can I use the connector for my patients?

The device presented is not a medical device and is not licensed or certified by any organization. It was designed for research purposes and has not been validated for use on patients.

However, its performance has been evaluated on a test bench and a scientific article is currently being reviewed.


How do I use the 3D connector?

Fabricate the part using our model with a 3D printer. The connector should be placed as close as possible to the non-invasive ventilation interface, which must be non-vented.

The straight section connects the circuit to the interface. A standard diameter antibacterial filter can be connected to the cross section.

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